CaRINO has a single drive unit and it can perform different tasks depending on the accessory.
The power supply of the implements (7.2KW peak) is totally autonomous from the traction system. This allows greater ease and effectiveness of use.
CaRINO is flexible thanks to the central mounted implements that are applied to the drive unit.
The mechanical lever of the implements is positioned on the right side of the driving position and can lift up to 200kg. CaRINO is able to cut tall grass, mulch or create a finish cut for the perfect English lawn.


  • Chippers to chip limbs up to 7 cm diameter
  • Leaf vacuums to collect leaves in a container located in the rear of the tractor
  • Transport

Green Areas

  • Mower
  • Flail mower
  • Rotary slasher;

Transport and Maintenance

  • Weed brushes
  • Integrated transport box
  • Carriage
  • Excavator
  • Front shovel
  • Snow blades
  • Snow turbines