With a single engine unit, RINO can carry out several tasks depending on the mounted implement. The energy supply of the implements is completely independent from the traction system, thus guaranteeing maneuverability and efficiency.
The wide range of functional implements that can be connected to the engine makes RINO flexible and versatile.
The hydraulic lifting system is situated in front of the machine and, thanks to the triangular quick mounting point, different pieces of equipment can be connected: blade and helicoidal finishing mowers, brush mowers with blades, spatulas, and hammers, etc.


  • shredder, to cut branches into pieces with a diameter of 7 cm;
  • leaves aspirator, to collect and channel leaves into a holder placed in the back of the machine
  • transportation

Green Area

  • finishing mowers
  • grass containers
  • brush mowers
  • rotary slashers


  • ploughs
  • tillers
  • stone buriers
  • cultivators
  • rotary harrows with or without seeders

Transportation and maintenance

  • weed brushes
  • sweepers
  • integrated dumper box
  • trailer
  • excavator
  • front levelling blade
  • snow blade
  • Snow blower