No more air pollution

RINO does not emit any pollution into the air or toward the driver as do thermic engines. RINO is completely electric and has two engines – one for traction and one to power the implements. There is a simple, trouble free, hydraulic circuit to raise and lower the implements.
RINO has an electric engine unit, placing itself halfway between a compact tractor and a small finishing mower. RINO runs fully on electricity thanks to 48 v lithium-ion batteries.
RINO lets the customers forget about all technical hitches related to hydraulic transmission (such as power losses due to friction and subsequent parts overheating) and zeroes refueling costs (no more stops at gas stations!)

Top acoustic comfort
It’s time to eliminate that unpleasant engine noise!
With RINO, you can work in urban or noise sensible areas with a significant reduction of noise levels and incomparable comfort for those in the area! RINO’s low noise level will be appreciated in city centers, residential areas, golf courses, campgrounds, hospitals, nursing homes, etc. as well as inside buildings such as greenhouses. RINO reduces considerably noise levels in urban and sensible areas. Being electric, it does not produces gas emissions as do gasoline or diesel cars, thus affecting positively the quality of the environment in which the driver and the staff are working. RINO is perfect for city centers, residential areas, golf courses, camp grounds, hospitals, nursing homes, reception areas and even greenhouses.

Green Power
RINO provides 18 kW (24 hp) of real power, fueling two electric engines of equal power for traction and for the implements (flail or brush mowers, etc.). It can also provide energy to several other pieces of equipment requiring a lot of power to work, such as shredders, snow blowers etc. It works perfectly in different conditions, such as mowing high grass and weeds with a horizontal flail-mower or mulching lawns with a finishing mower. Its triangular quick mounting point guarantees its compatibility with a wide range of implements on the market. RINO operating time may vary depending on which kind of equipment is used. RINO can be recharged using a domestic network in 4 hours (at 2400 w) or 8 hours (at 1200 w). An optional recharge point fully equipped with solar panels can be provided to cut down completely the costs of recharging.

The energy efficiency of the electric engine increases up to 90% compared to 40% of a diesel engine.

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